About Grace Hye


In 2014, GRACE HYE created its house dedicated to all Parisian art lovers.
It is a French creation house founded by the South Korean artist Chung Hye yeon, who has been passionate about art and fashion from an early age. Her dream is to make a great journey in her life thanks to art and fashion. Art that finds its inspiration in everyday events, art which, in turn, will influence the creation of clothes and accessories, quite common products which, through a play of reflections, will find a new depth, a new quality.
The main purpose of the Grace Hye Company is to present and market Grace Hye's works of art and fashion collections.
Grace Hye has launched since 2021 in the 15th arrondissement of Paris a contemporary art gallery called 'GALERIE NOUVELLE'; in which we organize solo or group exhibitions to introduce new artists with immense talent.
Grace Hye has been running a Fashion & Art pop-up store called 'HYE POPUP STORE' since 2017 in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. We open once or twice a year during Paris Fashion Week with the aim of marketing the creations of young French and international designers.
You will find more information on our Grace-Hye site, please subscribe to our social networks and do not hesitate to contact us.