Art & Freedom


«Welcome to our Safari Around the World!», a journey into the imaginary, a dream of consciousness; Grace Hye embarked on this safari in search of a color, an emotion, a moment or a reverberation of moments; an echo that spreads in time, a remembrance of the past in the future.

She left without luggage in search of emotions, creative freedom her only companion, a freedom that will enable her to combine and merge various artistic disciplines, a constant that can be found through her pictorial and clothing collections. Safari is not only a journey of the mind, it is also a walk in the heart of the multiplicity of cultures that the artist develops in her work.

Her works will make us discover another vision of the world, a naive look of the universe through the eyes of the child. A risky approach, its aim being the exposure of the contradictions that inhabit us, which haunt the world; these contradictions that should allow us to get closer to our essence if we gave ourselves time to think about it, just the time to stop to contemplate the world and appreciate all the possibilities that condense in an instant.


Fashion & Sensibility


Neo-Safari Collection

Maison GRACE HYE invites you to free your mind and venture into the meanderings of its "Neo-Safari" collection. It is all the artistic know-how of our house which is revealed in the fashion creations of the collection, inspired by her art works, as well in the motifs as in the materials used.

This collection excels in capturing the vibrant energy, the sense of curiosity and the search for pleasure expressed by "Safari World" art works. Dresses with a modern chic silhouette; a wise update of the avant-garde style, with minimalist touches. The collection plays with contrasts and colors in its audacious prints and its unleashed cuts. A youthful, casual collection that allows you to juggle and combine your pieces in a Mix & Match style.

Made to Order Collection

Custom-made collection, with high-quality materials and finishes; the Parisian spirit revisited by GRACE HYE. There are very feminine and elegant pieces, but never forgetting the artistic side of the French Touch.

We think that beauty is never where we expect it to be. It can hide in unexpected places and take the most surprising forms, but once found, this beauty becomes even more magical.