Fashion Contest Festival 2014 DINARD_FRANCE


In 2014, after graduating from a fashion school in Paris, GRACE HYE embarked on a journey to expand her fashion experience by working as an assistant in a fashion house. Eager to broaden her horizons, she also participated in fashion competitions, seeking new avenues for her creativity.

Her endeavors led her to the spotlight as a finalist at the 2014 Dinard International Fashion Competition Festival. Amidst the enchanting ambiance of Dinard, she presented her creations through captivating fashion shows and engaging showrooms. Collaborating with her friend and the director of Metaphorseoul, Miyeon Kim, they orchestrated a symphony of artistry and style that left a lasting impression.

The garments they unveiled became a canvas for their vivid imagination. Crafting each piece with experimental curves, they showcased a collection that bore the mark of uniqueness. Drawing inspiration from the sculptural masterpieces of Brancusi, the forms and motifs echoed throughout their collection, a testament to the profound influence of art on fashion.

Infusing their collection with vibrant and lively color palettes, they breathed life into their creations. Every hue and shade danced together to amplify the vivacity of their designs. The collection not only celebrated their artistic ingenuity but also harmonized with the spirit of Dinard's prestigious fashion event