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Four Seasons - Foundation NFT Collection

The Four Seasons NFT project is centered around four main artworks: four classical piano compositions by Manuel Gimferrer, which have been meticulously animated by Grace Hye.

Each composition corresponds to one of the seasons that inspired the project's name.

Originally conceived as a tribute to seasonal music by renowned composers of the past, the project gradually evolved into a collaborative NFT endeavor after extensive discussions between these two exceptional artists.

This project is a complex and ambitious venture that seeks to seamlessly blend the realms of musical and visual arts. Both artists have dedicated themselves to this endeavor for an extended period.

As the Four Seasons artwork nears completion, our focus is shifting towards expanding our community and raising awareness of the project. The music and visuals created for this project are of exceptional quality, and the tremendous effort invested by these two artists deserves the most outstanding NFT minting experience possible. We will release NFT pieces over the course of a year, commencing with the Autumn Season. Throughout this process, we plan to offer real-life surprises to our collectors, including private concerts, exclusive exhibitions, collaborations with other artists, and digital experiences. Your Four Seasons NFT will not only serve as a splendid digital collectible but also as your ticket to an extraordinary art community that we will nurture together.

These four artworks will be minted as Stacks NFTs but will never be made available for sale. They will be securely stored in a wallet controlled by the project's creators, as these four pieces serve as the foundation from which all other benefits of the project emerge. Below, you will find an example of one of the animations created by Grace Hye for the Fall season artwork.



The Four Seasons NFT project is based in four main artworks; four classical piano compositions by Manuel Gimferrer which have been animated by hand by Grace Hye, one for each one of the seasons that give name to the project.

This is indeed a very complex and challenging collaborative NFT, mixing different traditional art domains, like hand animation and classical music with some of the most advanced technologies, as blockchains and AI art generation.

All these months of hard work have already being an amazing adventure and we’re very proud of the pieces that we’ve created, we only hope that you’ll also enjoy them!

Do not hesitate to join in Grace's Discord server for more information.


Four Seasons


The Four Seasons NFT project is finally launching, starting with The Fall

Four Seasons is a collaborative NFT project between Grace Hye, visual artist in real life and working with digital art since the beginning of NFTs on Stacks, and Manuel Gimferrer, a talented classical musician also known as MirloMusic in the Web3 world.

Below you’ll find the most important details for The Fall minting process that will take place on Gamma’s website:


Four Seasons

Four Seasons


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